Since the advent of Social Marketing, one of the questions we get asked here at Cloud Digital Media is “Why use email marketing?”. I sense the zeitgeist at the minute is that Social Media is all singing and all dancing, with tales of magical amounts of sales or uptake on services, yet this really isn’t the case.

Analytics firm Custora produced a study citing email as one of the top new channels to produce customers, beating Facebook and Twitter along the way.

Its probably no coincidence that the sales of Smart Phones are through the roof (even my Mum has one and she struggles to work a can opener!), and more and more emails are being opened on a mobile device rather than a desktop. But for email campaigns, the news is even better as the number of “opens” hit 51%.

If you look at the average phone size, that’s also increased. With the advent of the iPhone 6+, Nokia Lumia and Samsung Note, users are now immersed in big screen graphics. These lend themselves well towards the email campaigns, allowing for content or products to be clearly legible.

So even though there are still a plethora of requests wanting me to deposit funds in my account, and everyone seems to know I need Viagra, and my spam filters are working overtime, is it really a good idea to be using email marketing?

1. Vouchers and Discounts
Lets cut to the chase. Even Banks are getting in on the act, extolling the virtues of a good voucher. To some households, it has become the norm, searching online for a voucher that gets them their family take away at a fraction of the cost.

These discounts cover all segments and services now, but having your favourite retailer send you a sale notification on a regular basis is actually habit forming! Myself and my colleague cant wait to receive our Costco email…….in the hope that hot tubs have come down in price!

2. Accessibility
Not only are the emails directed straight to a user, the stats from Nielsen show that 27 percent of online shoppers choose to subscribe to store or product emails.

The other benefit is that the email sits in your inbox for you to refer back to. Whether to look at the offer again, or show it to a retailer to gain a discount.

3. Cost
As a medium for marketing, Email is relatively inexpensive, especially compared with the likes of TV, Radio or mail. Even if you compare a campaign with SEO or PPC, it should be more favourable (unless you are paying a ridiculous amount then you need to give your favourite Digital Media Agency a shout!).

Whether you do decide to run a campaign yourself or go through an agency, sending out hundreds of emails is CHEAP! Obviously using an agency you will get all the analytics and support which will boost up the costs, but believe me, this channel of marketing is extremely cost effective. Generally, the ROI on this method is good…just make sure you get your campaigns right!