Most companies now are realising that an APP is a great way to manage their employees or contractors out in the field, but what they don’t understand is the connotations of choosing the correct way to build it and deliver it.

A Native APP will obviously cost more as its NATIVE to the device you are building it for. Now, if you were creating a game or fitness APP, this could get expensive as you try to deliver it across multiple platforms, however the truth is, for most companies, they will only ever furnish their team with Android devices, as they’re relatively low cost and easy to maintain.

Native is still expensive as its specialised coding, however it generally tends to be more robust plus the real significance is when you need your APP to work offline. For some of our clients, their engineers and contractors have to work underground, on new build sites or in areas with no connectivity. This is where its paramount to have an APP that will still load up documents, forms or Health and Safety sign offs so that the user can continue on with their work for the day. As long as you have the facility to store the data to be uploaded later, then the user can go about their general tasks for the day.

Web-based and Non-Native APPs do tend to be cheaper to build, plus for many, they still have a significant use. For a start, they tend to be accessible via a web browser so in some cases they aren’t limited by device, plus as your accusing information directly from the main server, they can be quick to give access thousands of files, plus the functionality is not limited by the processing power of the device.

The rules of building commercial APPs generally tend to focus around supplying secure data that can allow the user to perform daily tasks or services. The APPs we build generally have to provide scope for showing compliance and Health & Safety procedures, along with onsite and offsite auditing.

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