Most people reading this will already know the main pros and cons of PPC and SEO – for a short term gain, PPC is hard to beat, whilst investment in SEO long term makes good business sense. In the world of online marketing, its always best to look at your industry, competition and key words to decide what path suits you best. However the above rule is normally about right.

But is it as simple as this and what if you don’t have the budget for both? If you have zero budget and you understand what you’re doing, then maybe SEO is the only available option to you. Or for a limited budget of £5-10 per day, you could have an Adwords Campaign. Neither of these should really be a consideration as they are unlikely to give you the best of results and in fact choosing this approach has proven to deter people from marketing online, which in turn has meant them missing out in the world’s biggest growing sales environment.

According to SEOmoz Organic listings are 8.5 x more likely to be clicked on than their paid for counterparts. So you would think that its an outright win for SEO, however, as it takes longer for SEO to rank if you’re further down the order and prominence is king, its hard to argue against the value of an instant hit from PPC.

Given the fact that they work differently, achieve different results yet work towards bringing you the same result which ideally is a #1 ranking, you would think there would be a definitive conclusion as to which one performs best, but unfortunately, when you factor in your own sites performance, where your business is at and your intended market, you’re adding variables that will change what suits you best.

So where does this leave you, back at square one? Not really, if you look at the start of this article, it brings you back to the basics of PPC vs SEO – for a fledgling business or someone new to the world of digital marketing, theres nothing more satisfying than that instant hit of PPC, plus generally seeing the sales reflect your bids and campaigns, whereas those investing in longevity and a cost saving after 6-8 months, should be prepared to invest in SEO, as it still seems to be the nation’s favourite place to click!