A few weeks ago, before the terrible impact of the Coronavirus, we were asked to consult at a networking event for businesses that either had little experience of CRM’s / Management systems, or believed that Case & Claims management systems couldn’t be implemented because it would be too much of a change.

Part of the hesitation seemed to be centred around having a system that allowed staff to work from home and whether staff would work to the same ability as they do when they are office based, plus how they could access files and performance could be monitored.

We highlighted that actually, our own experience and that of our other clients has been that of an improved work ethic from those working at home, as parents use the opportunity to do the school run or cover doctors appointments etc, but then concisely work earlier or later to make up the hours. 

The systems themselves now facilitate file and document sharing with an accurate paper-trail detailing who has accessed files and where they no reside, rather than wondering whose desk they’re sitting on. Performance is easily measure through concise management information dashboards and files can be archived off-site in a safe environment.

One final aspect which was totally understandable is the fact that employers felt themselves or staff may go sit-crazy working from home without contact, however with video conferencing and calling, which can be logged in your system to refer back to, even this can be resolved.

Since that meeting and with the awful outbreak that has occurred, we have had a few companies now come back to us asking for further information, however whilst it would be easy to take advantage of the situation, we are trying to make people see the real benefits of these CRMs and Claim or Case Management systems as the long term impacts are even more significant.

The real reason we build and offer these systems in the first place is that we have thousands and thousands commuting into our cities to work on a daily basis – yet the truth is, there is a huge environmental impact doing this. At present, there is a large push towards Hybrid / Electric vehicles and to move people onto public transport, but we still burn fuels for transportation and the antiquated transport systems are not geared to move this amount of people. We feel that encouraging people to work from home could be a great way to give people the option to earn a little less but save on their transport costs (so in effect earn more!), save on office costs as our offices in the centre of towns cost so much to run, be more efficient as you cut back on admin tasks, plus work in a more ecological manner.

We realise that not every profession can work this way such as those that have to attend a factory to use machinery, but the question should be, “how can Change Management get us through this current situation and set us up for the future!”.  Not only do we have the research to show that CRM’s can make your company 59% more efficient, but we also have the backing of Government statistics.  theoretically, you could actually improve your business and your employee’s working environments, get through this current Coronavirus Pandemic, plus long term, be part of the solution to greener working practices.

Feel free to ask us how you can weather the storm, improve your bottom line or assist in going green.