We get asked numerous times if there is a cheaper way to work from home rather than installing a CRM. 

Yes there are options such as Remote Desktops, however these do offer companies other headaches such as document management and security.

With a CRM, you have full transparency over file access, document downloads, plus staff performance and working times. If you want to maximise the efficiency of your staff, a claims or case management system, sales or project management platform will help your team work just as well remotely as they will on-site. Not only that but any good platform or CRM should pay for itself within the first year by saving you staffing or admin costs, plus studies have shown where a Sales Platform will indeed grow your business for every £1 spend by about £5!

Obviously dealing in remotely does have some advantages such as being cost effective and you can make it almost as secure to sign in these days, however they tend to fall down if the connectivity is poor or the end desktop has timed out etc

After speaking to a couple of companies recently that have tried to go along this route, they now see it as false economy with users being unable to complete all tasks or get annoyed with going through security to set up RD, then the security on their Desktop, then security to get into their desktop system! You can imagine that after just one of these elements logs you out, how frustrating it is to go through it all again, only then to work with a slow or unresponsive cursor!