We’ve all experienced it in Business – you land a great lead, build a rapport up with the client, then deliver a fantastic proposal with keen prices…………only for friend of a friend’s dogs, cousin’s sisters aunty’s boyfriend to turn round and say they can deliver it for a fraction of the price in 3 years less time-frame and a box of Milk Tray!

For many, this feels like a kick in the teeth and you question each stage of your engagement or what you could have done better, but the truth is you shouldn’t. Any company should understand their rate card or costs to price a job and if you go along the lines of cutting your margins, you’re just playing business suicide. No company can sustain slashing their charges or costs and you should stick by your valuation and be proud of the service or product you supply.

The truth is, time after time we have actually found that the people doing the under-cutting aren’t professional entities or have the same work ethos and end up not finishing a project or drop out of supporting a client and long term, the project is poorly executed or delivered and it turns out to be false economy, whereas if they had paid the market rate in the first place, they would have been much happier with the end result.

So we say to all you under-cutters, thank you for justifying our prices and showing others the value of our services. May you continue to let down numerous customers………..only for them too come to us so we can impress and over-deliver! We salute your half-assed attempt to develop a CRM and applaud your half finished website which gives us a chance to step in and win some amazing projects!