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The first step to understanding what resources and costs are involved should always be a FREE initial consultation to ensure all aspects of the project have been understood. We normally find that working this way can find cost saving solutions, new and exciting ideas, plus a long term strategy of how you can market your product or services.

How we manage your project

Our preferred methodology is Agile project management. This gives you the opportunity to evolve your project as other factors become apparent through sprint reviews and stakeholder meetings. It also means that you receive constant updates and are aware of how the project looks and feels from start to end, rather than waiting until the end of the project and hoping it fulfils the brief.


Project reviews

Your assigned project manager will stay in constant communication with you. Where we can, you will be delivered an initial design so you know how your project will look and feel, then a live link to one of our test servers for you to review at each stage and provide feedback or content. At the end of the project we will not go live until you are happy. After delivery and payment we will still give you eight hours of free support for any teething issues or queries you have.

Project delivery and support

Whether you have chosen one of our hosting packages or even have your own in-house server, we will develop your project on one of our own test servers and help you migrate it to wherever required. We can also help with any EPOS integration, payment gateway or email setup needed, so you have a fully working product. Once launched, as well as providing initial support, we can offer you one of our fully encompassing support packages, along with expert advice on Digital Marketing to get the most from your business.


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