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Our highly experienced team have overseen the formation and development of both national and international brands, companies and franchises from birth and evolution through to expansion.

Our 10 years in this sector has given us an ideal insight into how to save companies money, obtain investments, receive funding and provide solutions for growth. The choice of technology platform and development is vital to the success and longevity of any project. We put a strong emphasis on initial consultancy and planning before formulating a project proposal. We can also provide options and advice for project funding and payment options as well as Change Management for businesses with larger teams. We also have a quick calculator tool which can provide you with an estimate on potential savings when adopting a new technology solution.

3 Step Process

Step 1.

Initial Consultancy

Step 2.

Strategic Planning

Step 3.

Design & Development

Engagement and Consultancy

Unlike other Tech Consultants, we take a holistic approach to any project. We try to understand what the need for the project is, the target audience or users and the obstacles that might be encountered along the way.

If a project is being undertaken to save money or generate income, there are other factors to consider such as your current working practices and how you currently utilise information.

Any business will be concerned with ROI and adequate planning at this stage can factor in when the initial investment will be recovered and what the projected return could be.


Strategic Planning

Once we have gained an understanding of the project requirements and have explored functionality specification, we can then look at the best way to approach the fund and build of a project such as bespoke or licensed options.

Planning a project includes many factors such as choice of programming language or technology platform, hardware options, target users/audience and access requirements. Gaining a full understanding of where the solution will be used and by whom is a vital part in planning a successful project.

From here we can provide a full scope of works document along with indicative costs and timeframes.


Design and Development

With a detailed plan in place, our skilled team will create unique and reliable technology platforms for your business. We’ll also be with you and your staff every step of the way providing Change Management for a smooth and successful transition.

We never adopt the ‘design as you develop’ approach, and always ensure our experienced UI and UX designers have a key input before any development commences. This ensures the final solution not only functions well but is intuitive, user friendly, and looks great!

Throughout the design and build, we ensure our clients are provided with access to staging environments and receive regular updates to view progress and submit vital feedback.

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The estimations from this calculator are based on analysis from the Office for Nation Statistics (ONS) stating that 3 out of 5 tasks could be automated. The figures are calculated on an average license cost of £85 per month per user.

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