Red Hot Source

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Project Description


Red Hot Source are a merchandise product distributor based in Colchester, Essex. After steady business growth they began to struggle keeping on track of job scheduling and quotations saved on various file types, print-out and software.

Cloud Digital Media proposed a bespoke CRM system to store and manage customer, supplier, staff and job data. Keeping everything centralized would allow the business to run more efficiently, avoid loss of historic data and boost overall productivity.

We built a web based system that allowed the client to access and manage all their information in one centralized database. They could easily document customers and job quotations but filling in simple, dynamic web forms, assign these jobs to members of staff and track the status of all relevant orders and processes for any given job.

The key benefits to having a centralised system were the reports the system can now generate, providing a complete insight into business performance statistics, financial figures and financial targets.

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