System X

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Project Description


System X is a cloud based insurance claim handling and processing system. Rather than going through a huge cultural change by using an ‘off the shelf’ system, Cloud Digital Media carried out extensive analysis of how the client operated and how they processed cases. This allowed us to tailor a bespoke system that complimented the clients working practices but improved efficiency.

A smart word document upload feature was developed. Data from the word document files are identified and automatically populated in the relevant digital form fields on the system – saving hours spent manually copying and pasting one field at a time.

The system is fully integrated with DropBox Pro to store the large volume of image files stored within the cases on the system. This ensures that all archived or historic cased can be fully accessed at anytime from anywhere.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data stored on System X, a full penetration testing project was carried out and any vulnerabilities were identified and addressed.

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