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Cloud Based Bespoke & Custom CRMs

Get a CRM for FREE with current R&D Funding

Do you want a CRM to manage your Staff, Sales, Customers, products or services more effectively? Sometimes known as Databases, sometimes known as a Management system, they’re all very much the same entity, just labelled differently.
Our CRM’s have allowed customers to obtain ISO Certification, win major contracts and probably more importantly saved THOUSANDS through better admin performance and saved resources.
We can offer you a CLOUD BASED CRM which allows your users to work remotely, and will work on tablets or mobile devices should you wish. Our systems are fully supported by us and we offer a dedicated support line and managed hosting to ensure you’re system encounters minimal down time.
Due to the years of experience we have in this sector, we can also offer pre-built systems on a licensed basis. These generally require minimal investment from the start to have the system changed with a few of your requirements and branding, plus import any data your currently have.

Let us help you get a FREE CRM!

HMRC are currently offering funding for most R&D Projects. We work with Tax Experts to help you obtain funding for your project, which not only saves you money on your build, but also means you end up with an Asset for your company, PLUS an opportunity to save money through more efficient management of your business.
Along with all of this, we can now offer GDPR compliant systems that will guard you against the forthcoming legislation changes.


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