Why Our CRMs are Different

With offices in Essex and London, we serve many companies in and around Essex, Kent, London, Hertfordshire and Suffolk as well as much further afield. Unlike an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, we build your solution exactly to the way you work so that the set-up is instantly familiar to all. Research shows that being comfortable with your system encourages improved efficiency and higher savings in user time along with greater sales. We can also assist in funding for your solution so not only are these much friendlier platforms to use, they can also be cost effective!


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We are all now facing challenging times, however this could be an opportunity to look at how your business is set up and make it more efficient. Allowing your staff to work from home is not as scary as it once was. Now you can monitor and track performance and be in full control of how data is managed. Plus if you can cut out the need for a larger office, save yourself some money too and a GOOD CRM will actually MAKE you money

Statistics garnered from the National Office of Records have estimated that almost two thirds of a company’s admin tasks can be undertaken by CRM’s which cost significantly less than staff or teams of employees, plus they can work 24/7 and don’t need a day off. For some companies that have been forced to look at their payroll costs, this could be an opportunity to save on salaries every year or even repurpose staff to focus more on sales rather than administration or menial tasks.

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An effective software solution should adapt to your existing practices, not the other way around

A CRM is an extremely powerful tool, allowing you to manage your business, analyse sales, staff and profitability, plus minimise admin tasks and duties. Better still, research has shown that for every £1 spent on a CRM, it can yield an average of £1.80 in sales. We can offer both licensed and bespoke solutions to suit most budgets.

We specialise in…

Case & Claim Management

Our Claims and Case Management CRMs have proven themselves to be invaluable in financial, Insurance, and Legal sectors, where calculating fees, liaising with the likes of Admiral, Hastings and other well-known providers must be both secure and comprehensive. The platforms we build facilitate efficient processing of cases through from initial generation, through allocation to provider and finally on settlement. These systems have reduced staffing levels by around 65% and meant that staff can be re-allocated to other areas where they can process claims or cases and therefore increase revenue, all whilst saving a company money.

Task & Workforce Management

More and more we are seeing that anyone who subcontracts or has SME and above sized clients will know that demonstrating compliance or procedures is paramount. Any work undertaken needs clear lineage of instructions and information, as well as being able to show completed Health & Safety or Compliance under scrutiny, should any task or job be audited. Our systems facilitate this level of management, plus make it easy to allocate daily tasks or ongoing projects, with reporting, notifications of pending issues and management information breakdowns that can be shared with clients.

Recruitment & HR

As we all know, recruitment and staff management can be hard enough on its own, without having a system that doesn’t support what you are trying to achieve. Our platforms can provide notifications & alerts plus manage candidates and appointments. Our Portfolio of clients range from those working on the new HS2 project, through to government and £Billion projects where compliance, Health & Safety and accountability is a necessity. These systems allow Project & Task allocation as well as remote working.

Retail, Fitness & Sales

Our Retail systems in various sectors such as property, fitness, fashion and the building sector to name but a few, are capable of integrating with EPOS platforms, Right Move, Zoopla, plus they can assist in stock management, seasonal and ad-hoc promotions plus manage orders or dispatching and warehouse processes. Anyone involved with sales will know that lead management is key to maximising potential sales or referrals. Having a system that can manage your day to day duties such as scheduled calls, new leads, users coming to the end of their contracts or even previous customers not only boosts sales but can also improve retention.

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