Fully supported solutions

Most people don’t give their hosting a second thought… untill it goes down! For all of our packages, we include spam filtering, SMTP, and automatic script installers at no extra cost plus more importantly we provide email support as standard plus daytime call support.
Unlike Go-Daddy or WIX, ours are UK operatives with a first hand knowledge of hosting.

Reliability and scalability

We keep all of your essential business requirements in mind: PCI compliance for ecommerce applications, rock solid reliability and scalability to match your growing business, plus your package can be up-scaled at any time to match the performance of your business.

If you have a large number of sites under your control, our reseller hosting may be for you. For web designers, small/medium companies or the large scale personal user, reseller webhosting is the perfect flexible hosting solution.
You decide what domains you host and you control their exact setup. Reseller hosting is also provided in a non branded manner allowing you to resell hosting to your clients at any price you select.

We can also provide SSL certificates for any of our customers, as well as hosting those more obscure platforms such as MAGENTO and MVC.

As more and more insurance companies insist on “off-site” back-ups, many are looking to Cloud Storage Solutions as the most convenient way to back up information securely off-site, as well as being able to access that information easily from any location.

Cheaper than replacing tape drives or storing on site, our fully managed solutions take the headache out of securely backing up all your valuable information and will mitigate you against DR (Disaster Recovery) or faulty servers.

Re-seller Packages

Are you a design agency or website company looking for managed services? We can set you up with a package, branded under your own guise and managed by us so you can focus on what you do best. We can also provided specialist servers, SSL certificates and site certification.

SSL Certificates

More and more ISP providers won’t contemplate on showing a website if you don’t have an SSL Certificate, plus if you are trading online, its paramount you have a trusted site. Even Google are becoming stricter about your criteria for SEO

Backups & Off-site Hosting

Having numerous clients in the legal, financial and insurance sectors mean’s we’re extremely familiar with being able to provide off-site solutions, plus backing up your files should you need to “Roll-back” or restore a website. We can offer daily, weekly &z monthly backups as well as numerous off-site options.

Email Management

As Microsoft Partners, we are well versed in setting up or managing your emails, plus we can offer web-mail boxes along with setting up for other mail-clients than Outlook such as Gmail or Apple Mail.

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