Our highly trained team

Our team of highly trained developers are experienced in all manner of coding, ranging from .NET, HTML, JAVA, PHP, XML, C#, C++, plus many more. We also understand the importance of using the right database for the task and are familiar with SQL Server, MySQL, JDBC, SQL lite and others.

Streamline your operations

As Microsoft Partners, we are also fully conversant with platforms such as SharePoint, Dynamics or Azure so that should you have a preferred set up or tools that require Microsoft integration, we can offer projects built with these. As Microsoft Teams is becoming ever more popular, these platforms offer a great way to keep everything under one guise.

We have been engaged to develop bespoke Management platforms, CRM’s f and APPs for FX & Global trading markets, Gambling, Fitness & Training, Construction, Surveying, Medical, Legal, Insurance and many others along with integration software that allows platforms or utilities to talk to each other and interact.

Our Products can help you streamline your operations, provide support, build your business, manage areas that are remote or costly to staff, plus we can produce products that will be expandable, saving you time and money as your company grows.

We not only understand the importance of using the latest tech to achieve intuitive and robust platforms, but with degrees in design, we ensure that the ergonomics and interactions are logical, clear and engaging so that the overall experience is encourages usage. This applies to both domestic and commercial products as we see much quicker user acceptance of applications or change management instillations.

Our build approach ensures that any project is fully detailed and understood before commencing, plus sprint reviews throughout the process will demonstrate that the project is progressing how you envisaged, rather than having to wait for completion to test.

Native & Desktop Applications

Native and Desktop Applications are programs that can be installed on a users device and typically used where there is little or no connection and needs to interact with other components on your device. One example of this was and original project we worked on for London Underground.

Web-based or Non-Native Applications

Unlike Desktop Applications, Web Based Applications can be accessed via a standard web-browser and allows users to be part of a collaborative program. It makes it easier to access information or work with others remotely, plus you can save to one secure location.

Intranets & Extranets

Often undervalued, Intranets and Extranets can provide a valuable source of information, essential in the day to day running of a company, allowing employees to access information about company procedures, book holidays, reclaim expenses etc. For the company, it is a concise way of getting relevant information out to employees.

Support, Hosting & Aftercare

Like all the services we provide, we are happy to provide full or partial Support Packages, ranging from one days support, through to multiple days a month at a great price, plus any software or development we engage with comes with a few hours aftercare as standard, to ensure you are comfortable with your project. We will also recommend what hosting package will allow your system to work at its optimum and manage this for you.

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