From planning to implementation

The Directors of Cloud have worked at a Senior Management Level in many other sectors where they have overseen the formation and development of both Brands, Companies and Franchises from evolution through to expansion. Within this time, involvement has encompassed numerous instances of “Change Management”, where implementation of Tech or updated processes or systems has significantly impacted on performance of both staff and profits.

Providing solutions for growth

Now established in our own right for over 10 years, our consultation has assisted numerous companies in saving money, obtain Investment for projects, receive funding back on projects and provide solutions for growth. Throughout this time, our consultation, planning, strategy implementation and delivery has significantly changed the landscape of certain clients, plus our expertise doesn’t just deliver profits, check out the benefits opposite to see how we can help.

Managing Teams or staff members can be just as significant as managing your profits. A happy team that isn’t constrained by unnecessary tasks leads to a much happier and efficient workforce, plus as any business owner would know, that time can effectively be spent on other areas of the business such as sales or service.

Our team are happy to do more than just engage and sign off a project that is presented, we can offer useful Technology experience as well as looking at the best way to fund your project and how to maximise your ROI. We are fully conversant with HMRC’s “R&D Tax Credit” scheme, plus we have successfully assisted clients to obtain local Government and funding schemes.

The Money Saving Calculator shows just one area where we have saved Businesses money by understanding how restructuring staff and implementing tech can make companies more efficient. Check it out for yourself and see how much money you could save here.

Staff Performance

Our knowledge can improve staff performance by making workplace processes more efficient, reducing admin tasks and facilitating off-site working practices. This can all be tracked and overseen so that staff can be managed and rewarded where appropriate.

Resource Management

Several of our clients have seen a huge reduction in wastage or better management of resources as we implement stock control processes.
Providing team members with clearer information about sales or daily tasks leads to significant savings of both time and materials.

Increased Profits

Let’s face it, no company would turn down an opportunity to increase profits and why would you. We have successfully assessed and consulted on significant projects where analysis and change has brought about higher turnover or even large savings which will also impact the bottom line.

ROI & Funding

Whilst most realise the significance of implementing Tech, sometimes the cost can be a deciding factor. At Cloud Digital Media, our research can show you when you are likely to receive your ROI on investment or even point you in the right direction with funding, both from HMRC and local Councils.

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