Cost effective surveying services

For anyone currently involved in construction, property maintenance and insurance, you’ll know that the cost of inspection or ground surveying can be high, with associated costs such as scaffolding for roof or tunnel inspections, ground mapping, thermal imaging and staffing costs, it all starts to mount up.

The benefits of Digital Surveying

We can offer Drone Surveying for a fraction of the cost of sending an engineer down a lift shaft or tunnel in breathing apparatus, or to inaccessible environments.

Our Drones have successful photographed, mapped and provided thermal and point cloud imaging for roofs and buildings in much less time than it has cost to erect scaffolding and at significantly lower costs.

Point Cloud information is gaining increasingly more popularity in the surveying sector as it can offer high resolution imagery of a defined area, plus because this information is digital, it can be evolved into 3D topography images or CAD drawings. We are now currently offering these services to the Insurance and Construction sectors that need to deliver reconstruction of buildings and dwellings to its original design.

Larger construction and development companies have long seen the benefit of these services as we can assist in calculating delivery of materials, material holing on site, plus of course thermal imaging and site levels based on Geo-mapping.

LiDAR/Point Cloud modelling

With years of experience in point cloud data/aerial photography we can offer the following services:

  • Topographical Mapping
  • Online imagery and point cloud viewing
  • Road and highway infrastructure Mapping
  • Underground utility mapping
  • As-Built Drawing creation & proposed design modelling.
  • Classification of Bare Earth & vegetation, buildings, bridges
  • DTM, DSM and Contour generation
  • Asset management
  • Rail infrastructure and asset management
  • 3D modelling and 3D Feature extraction

Drone Photography and Video fly throughs

With a range of fixed with and multi rotor drones we can offer high quality 4k imagery and videos. We have experience of flying domestic buildings for standard aerial imagery all the way through to kilometres of land for route proposals we have the flying experience to achieve a high-quality end result.

360 Panoramic Imagery

Web enabled 360 degree imagery is a valuable desktop study tool which is now being implemented into many different industries. With our high-quality cameras with are able to stitch multiple images together to get seamless photographic visuals to allow the user to get an experience/tool with many uses. The ability to add objects/designs to this imagery can help to visual proposals around real-time scenes. VR and AR options also available.

Cad Services: 2D and 3D Modelling

We can convert all types of media in 2D or 3D models. With experience in many industries out CAD modellers can offer a wide array of CAD deliverables. Experience in all versions of AutoCAD as well as various bolt on packages and CAD Alternatives (i.e Bentley software).

Photogrammetry and Ortho Processing

Utilizes digital imagery and ground coordinate information to recreate the geometry of a portion of the earth in a virtual environment.

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